Joe McHugh is a fiddler and storyteller whose powers of imagination and infectious sense of humor hearken back to the likes of Mark Twain and Will Rogers. Paula McHugh is a gifted visual artist and musician. Together as the Time Travelers they transport audiences through time to the folkways of the trans-Appalachian pioneers, the rough and ready days of the California gold rush, the injustice of slavery and building of the underground railroad, the divided loyalties of the Civil War, the myth and reality of the cowboy, the perils of the Dust Bowl and Great Depression—even the crazy challenges faced by back-to-the-landers in the 1970s. Weaving together legends, tall tales, and little-known historical facts with authentic fiddle, banjo, and “courting” dulcimer duets, as well as projected images of original paintings, the Time Travelers conjure up a host of colorful characters—from gusty trailblazers and gun-wielding railroad bulls to medicine show pitchmen and the makers of moonshine, with perhaps a restless ghost thrown in to quicken the pulse—a bountiful feast for ear and eye that is sure to delight the intellect and nourish the soul.

“Joe and Paula charmed us with an evening of rib-tickling stories, haunting Appalachian melodies, beautifully projected artwork, and a ghost story worthy of any great American campfire gathering. Rarely does one find two artists who connect with their audience on such a personal level. I would invite Joe and Paula back anytime.”

~ John Robbins - Performing Arts Director, Evergreen State College

• American Revolution

• Early Pioneers

• Building of the Railroads

• Life on the Mississippi

• Oregon Trail

• Gold Rush                         

“It was wonderful having The Time Travelers perform at The State Theater. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the performance. Overall, every patron was very enthusiastic, the show was well paced, and extremely informative.”

~ Abel Cornejo, Auburn-Placer Performing Arts Center, The State Theatre Operations Manager, Auburn, CA

The Time Travelers Joe & Paula McHugh

• Underground Railroad

• Civil War

• Pony Express                              

• Immigration

•The Great Depression               

• The Dust Bowl